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Reconnecting to our belonging.

Starts 04.12.2022— Resilience and belonging for a life sustaining society.

50 years ago, the term and philosophy Deep-Ecology was coined by Norwegian Philosopher Arne Næss.

In 2022 we embark on a new journey to enliven the ecological self, and reimagine our role in regenerating the planet, embodied.

Through reconnecting with ourselves, each other, and with the magic at the source of all Life and its mystery, we discover a form of “Active Hope” which is beyond solutions, certainty, or guarantee of a promised future. We rediscover our authority to act on behalf of all Life.

Joanna Macy Ph.D.

The biggest gift you can give is to be absolutely present, and when you're worrying about whether you're hopeful, or hopeless, or pessimistic, or optimistic, who cares? The main thing is that you're showing up, that you're here and that you're finding ever more capacity to love this world because it will not be healed without that. That was what is going to unleash our intelligence and our ingenuity and our solidarity for the healing of our world.

Core of The Workshop

Working with the time tested methodology and leading edge of the Work That Reconnects. We invite you to "be the change" - join us on a deep presencing workshop journey. Facilitated by Martin, from the Norwegian forests. Walking in the footsteps of the "Father of Deep Ecology" Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss.

Eco-Philopsophy to Embodied Ethics for a sustainable world.


How do we embody ethics and philosophy in facing the challenges of our time? How do we reconnect to a deeper sense of belonging when faced with an ever-increasing stream of information from around the world?
We are being asked to make changes in our lives down to the cellular level, and by doing so regain familiarity with every aspect of ourselves. Will we answer the call and embark on the adventure of self-discovery? Opening us to the world, we meet our capacity for innovation and realize our part as an embodied self-healing mechanism in the web of life...

Meditations and Mindfulness for a expanded sense of self


Opening ourselves to the larger web of life through the heart, head, and body, we recognize and reconnect to our larger body; the planetary life support system. We rekindle our capacity for gratitude. Re-learning to include discomfort, and pain with acknowledgment and grace. Through grounded exercises and ritual, we become able to face uncertainty with spaciousness, love, passion, creativity, and resolve. Asking “how does life want to flow through me” we embark on the adventure of our lives, active participants in the healing of our world with an open heart.

Community building practices


Facilitated by Deep Ecologist, Activist, and experienced facilitator, Martin Reinholtz. We will work trauma-informed, in connection with nature, guided by timeless wisdom. Embodying an Eco-Centric approach to holding coherence as a diverse group.
Coming together with intention, we attune deeply to each other and the world, by expanding our relational capacities we allow the larger group intelligence to support our work.

Deep Imagining Work – Catching an Inspiring Vision.


“If you can't say it, play it”! Finding the imaginative potential innate in us all, we learn to inhabit the spaces between spaces. Through experiential role-playing and deep imagining, we allow ourselves to be taken out of the context of the current societal norms. We open to seeing our current planetary experience through the eyes of future generations and the more than human nature, engaging empathy for our extended family. Resourcing us in this broader inclusive story, supports us in drawing in new solutions and understandings.

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Martin Reinholtz

Based in the forests near Oslo, Norway, Martin cherishes and tends his close relationship to the natural more-than-human world.
He comes from a career in Organizational Leadership, Ethics, and Innovation. With 15 years of hands-on and academic experience. He has specialized in emotional intelligence in teams, Inner sustainability, and the emerging field of “living systems organizations” guided by the ever-changing diversity of nature's creative properties.....


Meet Your Facilitator


“I appreciated every aspect of your facilitation, you're feeling, your heart your Cadence, your way of reaching out to everyone as if they were right there in the room with you. Such beautiful and artful work.”

City Planner and Participant in one of Martin’s Online WTR workshops in 2020

“Books about social and ecological change too often leave out a vital component: how do we change ourselves so that we are strong enough to fully contribute to this great shift? Active Hope fills this gap beautifully, guiding readers on a journey of gratitude, grief, interconnection, and, ultimately, transformation.”

 Naomi Klein, Author, "This changes

everything" on the book "Active Hope" by Joanna Macy

"I really appreciate the love and energy that you bring to this very important work which you deliver with such tenderness and generosity. It gives me such hope for the future and fills me with the courage needed to bring forward my best self in these times."

Psychotherapist and Participant in one of Martin’s Online WTR workshops in 2021

What is included


Practices and Course Materials

Individual and Group practices/exercises and meditations that support the work that allows for a deeper connection with inner and outer nature. An evolving and downloadable course guide that includes, nature based meditations and contemplations, experiential practices that can be done alone or with others, and enlivening notes and ideas.


Interactive Workshop + Bonus: Follow Up Sessions

The main introductory online course of 6,5 hours including breaks. + Weekly short sessions (1-1,5h) facilitated by Martin, that allow for digestion, mutual support, and Q&A. We will dive into additional rituals and ceremonies of the WTR in longer follow-up sessions. The Workshop will be held live online on Zoom.


Evolving Edge

Resting on the Evolving Edge our planetary state, the workshop is suitable for those who have just opened to the world and seasoned activists, communities and change-makers involved. The workshop is informed by what is real to us at this time, incorporating current social and ecological developments. In addition to the timeless wisdom, the workshop includes, practices, meditations and leading-edge interdisciplinary research.



WorkShop2022: What We Do

Cost and Information

Price format: Sliding scale.

Recommended: 500 - 1800 NOK (50 - 180 Euro/USD)

Bonus: Weekly Follow-Up sessions are included until January 1. 2023 (Donations are welcome). 


For scholarships or lower tuition: Please contact No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Consider paying higher on the scale if you:

– own the home you live in

– have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money

– travel recreationally

– have access to family resources in times of need

– work part-time by choice

– have a relatively high degree of earning power due to your level of education (or gender and racial privilege, class background, etc.). Even if you are not currently exercising your earning power, we encourage you to recognize this as a choice.

–  are dedicated to supporting others’ scholarships


Consider paying lower on the scale if you:

– are supporting children or have other dependents

– have significant debt

– have significant medical expenses not covered by insurance

– have educational expenses

– receive public assistance

– have immigration-related expenses

– are a senior citizen with a fixed income.

Your financial support opens up scholarships for those in need and works towards bringing the work that reconnects and other initiatives such as eco-literacy, deep ecology workshops, meditation & mindfulness, and mentoring to individuals communities, schools, institutions, etc. locally and globally. 

Tuition: 150 EUR/USD

Tuition: 130 EUR/USD

Tuition: 100 EUR/USD

Tuition: 80 EUR/USD

Minimum Tuition: 50 EUR/USD

Please choose the option that applies to you and your circumstances according to the guidelines above, after clicking the link you will be redirected to our payment service.

You will receive a receipt for the payment immediately. Confirmation of participation along with workshop instructions will be sent within 24h.

To view our refund policy please follow the link HERE. Any questions can be directed to Support@WakingUp.Earth

Tuition Options

Secure Payments are handled by


The initial live workshop length is 3.0 hours with breaks. We have found an appropriate amount of time for most participants. Please allow for time after the workshop to rest and digest.


In the online workshop, we will let us be guided by the steps of the Work that Reconnects ( to integrate and share our personal stories and spark courage and creativity in times of ecological emergency, war, and social unrest.


The workshop consists of experiential exercises and teachings to foster a larger feeling of Self and a stronger and dynamic connection to our world. Transforming the experience of the state of our world into individual/collective action and resilience. Integrating and sharing our personal stories and spark courage and creativity in times of ecological emergency, war, and social unrest.


Combining Martin's additional experience with "Theory U", M.I.T. Senior lecturer Otto Scharmer's renowned work in “presencing” and “Awareness Based Systems Change”, we will turn our attention toward our inner and outer nature. There will be equal time spent learning as well as actively engaging in the process.


As an introduction, we will make this an inclusive and well-angled workshop. We will try to adjust the content to match the group's experience of the work that reconnects, allowing also seasoned participants to find renewed engagement. Participants are encouraged to help move the workshop forward together and contribute to the process. Ideas and requests are welcome.


​(For accessibility the Workshop will be held in English but with Norwegian/Scandinavian as a supplementary language)


The workshop will be held via Zoom, please check your internet connection in advance so that we can see and hear each other.

The Workshop

Curated and facilitated by Martin, we will engage organically in a process that was made for these times. Times when what used to make sense is liquifying before our eyes – and we need new spaces to make sense of it. For too long, we have been looking for answers and solutions. Now is the time to inhabit the spaces of not knowing—where we find ourselves on the “knife edge of uncertainty”.

Drawing on the work of American Activist Joanna Macy PhD, Australian Activist John Seed, and Norwegian Philosopher Arne Naess. Our experience will be highly interactive and synergetic.
The interactive part of the workshop is supplemented by insights into deep-ecology, living-systems theory, and indigenous and spiritual traditions. Combined, the workshop amounts to a thorough community-building process that grows our courage, resilience, and solidarity in challenging times.

Through the varied exercises, participants will be allowed to open and explore further their own voice, while opening to “hear the voice of the earth crying” as Thich Nhat Hanh puts it.

Doing so helps us develop and strengthen our personal ethical compass, aligned with the current state of the world.

Curated Experiential Group Work

Program Information


There have been several requests for follow-up sessions to be included in the workshop.  


To accommodate this after completion of the introductory course, there will be the option of a 30-45 min. meeting the following day at a time chosen by the participants. Allowing time to rest and digest and share insights and challenges after a good night of sleep. 

Martin will facilitate a weekly follow-up session of 1-1,5h to deeply integrate the work, and our commitment. This will also include longer sessions and practices, special events and guest speakers.

It is recommended that participants are fit mentally and physically, to attend a 6,5 long and possibly demanding workshop.

We will be touching on a range of emotions (anxiety, grief, anger, dispair, numbness but also joy, gratitude and love) and is helpfull with a healthy amount of Self-awareness, for group presence. Since the workshop is online, it can be physically demanding to participate.

Martin will accommodate movement and timely breaks, as well as exercises to help participants engage in the workshop. Drawing from his many years of facilitation experience, and work as a movement coach, yoga teacher, and chi-gong practitioner.

Should you have any ailments/ challenges, are unsure if you should participate in the workshop, or have any other questions, please send a mail to Martin@Wakingup.Earth, so that he can accommodate space for you. All correspondence will be handled confidentially.

Health and Wellbeing

WorkShop2022: Contact
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