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Martin J. Reinholtz

Activist, Teacher, Regenerative Social Systems Facilitator - Online and In-Person

In the serene forests of Norway, near Oslo, Martin nurtures a profound bond with the wilderness, a connection forged in the adventures of his childhood and the untamed wilderness of North America. Transitioning from a career in Business leadership, where he touched countless lives since 2006, Martin now finds himself at a unique junction where myth, psychology, and indigenous wisdom converge with the essence of wild nature.
As a living systems architect, he channels the rhythms of culture, infusing groups and companies with the essence of regeneration and self-organization.

Alongside his professional pursuits, he has dedicated himself fully to direct action activism, engaging in peaceful civil disobedience for over a decade. From scaling and halting oil platforms in the tumultuous waters of the Barents Sea to protesting nuclear reactors in Northern Europe and coal production in Germany, his endeavors have resonated on a global scale. Playing pivotal roles in prominent environmental movements, he has spearheaded actions and mobilized volunteers for Greenpeace and his contributions were instrumental in the rapid expansion of Extinction Rebellion in Norway and across 40 countries within just three months as a regenerative culture architect. Concurrently, he has remained actively involved in multiple movements throughout Europe.

Today, Martin's focus is on empowerment through education, training, and facilitation. His expertise encompasses Climate Grief, Ecological Design Thinking, and the cultivation of resilient communities, all geared towards inspiring purposeful action amidst the intricate challenges of the modern era. Additionally, he serves as an advisor in the realms of Intergenerational Trauma and the comprehension of relational and collective trauma structures.

Grounded in the wisdom of Arne Næss and actively engaged as a facilitator for The Work That Reconnects Network, Martin's journey is a continuous exploration. Guided by the timeless principles of Deep Ecology, Indigenous Wisdom Tradtitions, Taoism, Zen, and Advaita Vedanta, his path has been shaped by years of introspection and somatic practices immersed in the embrace of nature.

"One of the most influential and kind facilitators I worked with."

"I really appreciate the love and energy that you bring to this very important work which you deliver with such tenderness and generosity. It gives me such hope for the future and fills me with the courage needed to bring forward my best self in these times."

Ellen, Workshop Participant

Nico, Workshop Participant

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