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Martin Reinholtz
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Martin J. Reinholtz

Founder, Direct Action Activist, Regenerative Social Systems Facilitator, Public Speaker - Online and In-Person

Based in the forests near Oslo, Norway, Martin cherishes and tends his close relationship to the natural more-than-human world.
He comes from a career in Organizational Leadership, Ethics, and Innovation. With 15 years of hands-on and academic experience. He has specialized in emotional intelligence in teams, Inner sustainability, and the emerging field of “living systems organizations” guided by the ever-changing diversity of nature's creative properties.

After years in Leadership positions, Martin devoted his time to becoming a full-time volunteer. He has now, for over a decade, been engaged in peaceful environmental activism. Taking impactful direct action towards the world's largest oil platforms in the middle of the Barents Sea, nuclear power plants in Northern Europe, and participating in mass mobilizations to halt coal production in Germany.


“When I first started Enlivened Earth in 2013, the mission was to bring what I had learned from the leading edge of organizational leadership to a battered environmental movement. Helping my fellow activists into alignment with their emotions and their inherent qualities. I had no idea of the suffering, resistance and personal anguish I would have to face on this journey.  The depth of the work that Waking Up Earth has transformed into since then, has transformed me in so many ways that I am still surprised by, every day.”

Throughout his engagement, he has co-founded several trauma-informed local and global environmental movements. His work has touched activists and change-makers worldwide. He now has settled in supporting future activists and initiatives as an educator and facilitator in the fields of Ecological Grief, Ecological Design Thinking, Awareness Training, Regenerative Cultures, Self-Organizing Systems Design, Resilience, and Community reconnections. Guiding himself and others towards taking purposeful action with Heart despite challenging social and ecological conditions.

Committed to life-long learning, Martin is a daily meditator, and has like others encountered truths & shadows and welcomes critique. He has spent 3 years living in seclusion while in continuous meditation and contemplation.
Highlighting awareness of the pitfalls of inner work in the “Industrial Growth Society”. He follows his advice on the necessity for continued peer support, philosophical and ethical grounding, beginner's mind, community engagement, responsible Self-care, and immersive silence with nature.

Rooted in the work of Arne Næss and as a facilitator for The Work That Reconnects Network (Active Hope). Martin is a scholar of Deep Ecology, System's Theory, Indigenous Wisdom, Taoism, and Zen.
“In his work, he seamlessly weaves the more-than-human-world (nature) and timeless wisdom, through immersive somatic and thought-provoking experiences, into a compassionate path of awakening into life”.

"One of the most influential and kind facilitators I worked with."

"I really appreciate the love and energy that you bring to this very important work which you deliver with such tenderness and generosity. It gives me such hope for the future and fills me with the courage needed to bring forward my best self in these times."

Ellen, Workshop Participant

Nico, Workshop Participant

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